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    I am making the Halo

    Right.... :Steve:
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    nice undersuit

    Looks pretty damn good :Steve:
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    Yeah, I can never follow a tv schedule, always have to wait for te dvd or use torrents. For heroes I'm using torrents. For all those who arent many episodes in, I advise watching a bunch more, like most shows it takes a few episodes for you to get into it.
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    Ill be making a warthog

    Sounds like good fun, go for it, buddy :wink: I'll be waiting for pics
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    Hey all, Anyone else watching Heroes? I can't wait for the next episode, they always achieve keeping me thirsting for more. *Also please say if your gunna discuss anything that may be considered spoilers to anyone not up to date, thank you*
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    If this is anything like Doom...

    I think that the doom movie was pure air filled nonsense. They altered almost evrything about the plot, and removed any element of fear. You got to the end and thought "Was that it?!?" Hope the don't butcher halo in the movie form
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    Tires on Halo 3

    Like the others say, the tires would have been designed to resist such damage, although I can understand why it would have been a neat feature.
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    A Big Thanks

    I think you pronounce it asthough the j were a y, Ares. So like my-ol-nir But thats just what I think
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    Armour Help

    That's fair enough, sorry to be a bother, Just wanted a little validation that my method was apceptable: clay positive mold with fibreglass cloth + resin.
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    Armour Help

    Since I am beginning my armour set soon I am in need of some advice in the way of material choices. I really need to know which material choice is the easiest and cheapest for a beginner. I have created the mold for my glove armour using clay in the hope of using fibreglass cloth and resin but...
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    Customizations on your armor

    Sounds quite good, but difficult, approach with caution buddy :Steve:
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    m6d pistol

    Yeah, and I about all that, I was just saying that the same gun magically changing through the triology would make no sense unless it was a new model variant.
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    for making non-fictional guns

    Looked around a bunch, found some blueprints, but realised that they were the same ones you linked. Crap! =( I'll keep trying
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    for making non-fictional guns

    Ok, I'm on the case buddy
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    Metal Jango Fett progress pics

    Sounds increadible :wowie: