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  • haha yeah i might make one later and yes i will be prepared, i will have to make it metal and invent an overshield that never needs to recharge after taking heavy damage =D
    no i didn't remake it because i haven't had time and im not going to make a halo 3 suit, just reach and i already have my helmet for the reach suit
    well that's good that it worked =D
    yeah i was kinda mad about the hayabusa helmet because it took a week to pep and for the inside of armor pieces, you should use fiberglass cloth stuff, you cut this cloth specially made for fiberglassing resin and you the resin on the cloth and put many strips of the cloth on the inside of the armor piece. for helmets you can use the same thing or you can use rondo which is a mixture of resinn and bondo
    yeah sorry to hear because it was looking really good =( hopefully next will be better but if you want to get the right size and get used to it, there is a test one on the halo wikipedia
    that's what happened to my hayabusa helmet, i used regullar printer paper and when i put resin, my helmet was pretty much see threw and if i put rondo on it, it will just eat the paper away
    well good luck on the chest =)
    ah that sucks, the best cardstock is 250 because it is thick enough to keep shape and withstand resin and bondo, all hardener pretty much
    yeah i hope i do get there eventually
    yeah i got there, i figured it out and i have a thread going right now on noble 6 stuff, i started it a few months before reach came out and still don't have one piece finished but i will eventually get there =D the hayabusa thread i have i just gave up on because the hayabusa helmet was made out of regular paper not cardstock =(
    Hi! Listen I have one big problem. I cant create any articles or blogs so I cant post any progress I´v made! Have u ever had the same problem?
    yeah no problem =D well i am prepared for the questions and that's good that people have been asking if you needed help with anything, when i joined that didn't happen very much =S
    well enjoy the forums =D
    Hey Welcome to the 405th! i wanna be the first to say "hi" So HI!!! haha cant wait to see what you come up with.
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