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  • thank u so much!HaloCE - OpenSauce v3,do you know it?
    i spent a whole 3 hours at it and i found nothings!
    finally i finished all gifts for my friends.woa,it''s realy hard work.i made them myself.
    tomorrow i will show u some pics.hihi
    oh right on. i was thinking all blue, like, oh **** that girl has blue hair! sick! blue streaks are cool too.
    just like u.i admire odst.they are brave,fast,smart...and the most important,they are nomal soldiers.
    my first armor is dutch's armor.then,i made a MC helm in nomal quality,a hd MC helm,MC forearms,hands,bipeds,noble six foam armor(i haven't done the thighs,shins and boots yet)
    one funny thing is they are only peped!i haven't found any resins
    have u played halo 3?i've play halo for 4 years but i 've played only halo ce and halo 2.
    is it very cool when play halo 3?
    hello?"Án Garda Síouchana" what does it mean? interesting!
    thank u for the advise.actualy,i think this job is good.
    u learned french?amazing!
    " Kĩ thuật viên đồ họa" that is what people call ur job in my country.
    if u known french,i would show u how to pronounce it.
    and " bạn rất xinh! " hehe
    do u understand? ur helm looks great!
    why did u build a hd MC helm ?
    "I like working with computers and art".so do i!
    i have some friends study Games Design and digital art at VTC university.
    i made some 3d models,mod some games like cs1.6,css,halo ce,halo2
    but i can't chase my favorite,my parents decided what i should do or have to do,sometimes i wish i were free.
    it's ok,in this university,i learn one more language: french!
    that's cool!but is't hard too,especial how to pronounce.
    Guardians of the Peace,i like this name!
    yeah,chinese new year!in china and viet nam,we use both western calendar and lunar calendar.
    well,i study at " Học viện An ninh Nhân dân" u can search it in google,i translated it to english " academy of People's Security"
    in here,i learn how to protect people and country security and how to be a good police.
    hm,hihi my english is not very good :d.
    and u?what do you study?
    we also held western new year,it was awesome!we made a countdown party too.i made gifts for my friends and my family.i'll show u soon
    what did u do?
    thanks a lots.it's really helpful.
    i have just finished my first semester at university.it's hard!
    now i'm perparing for our traditional new year so it's veryexciting here.
    lunar new year,have u ever heard about it?
    it takes place at the same time with chinese new year.
    i'll try it,maybe next week
    oh well,ofcourse it is.
    i live in a country that people don't use english very much
    viet nam,if u know
    so,it is hard to find resin.i tried to translated it to my language,but it seems to be impossible
    Ok. Thanks. It really would be frustrating if all the good work would turn into a failure because of the tape. Ill see what I can do about it. It just cos Im so used to the tape. I dont know what is gonna come out of this. We´ll see. I will also send pics of my project soon.
    How did u finish the chest so fast? Im still stuck on the shoulders! Damn :( Btw, I tape the parts together. Is it bad when it comes time for resin?
    lol im stupid i just posted the comment on my profile xD
    yeah it is a little extreme but some people do get tattos on their heads and i think that it would be better to test it on an animal rather than a human being but either way it would suck for whatever was tested on, my the jackass people will test it for us =D
    btw maybe this should all justt be moved to private messaging so we both don't have to keep going back and forth between profile and private messaging
    yeah i hope that it isn't more rumors
    i can take needles also but i wont take them to the head f that
    i think i would test the overshield on a mouse first or something small that there are a lot of
    that would be freakin awesome, i would totally work just to make halo armor for people, becoming a spartan is scary, if you've seen the video
    and yes i want that dang movie to come out already, the trailer for it came out in like 08 or 09
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