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  • After a long absence and having plans fall through I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and looking at doing some ODST armor.
    lol. not really. ive been extremely busy and i didnt get my suit done im time for the con.
    Hey, decided to drop by and compliment your awesome Avatar. Everytime I see it I just love it and never seem to get tired of it.
    Last year it was hotter here in San Antonio with the weather being 100-105 degrees every day. But looks like there hasn't and won't be a drought this year.
    Still, I've never seen a house with a pool while I've been in Texas, and here in San Antonio, I've only seen apartments, hotels, and a few neighborhoods.
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Married with 14 year old son. Praying I have the strength to let him make it to age 15. :p LOL.

Family, FX, Costuming and whatever the wife lets me get away with. :p
Central Texas
Hint. . . Protecting is Only 1/2 the job!!!!


Extend the Olive Branch of Peace;While Having a Tactical Plan to Kill Everyone Inside the Vehicle - Gordon Graham
My Son's Noble Spartan - Completed