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  • hey nice reach armor looks like its coming out flawlessly and is very impressive, what do u techniques would you recommend ? .^.
    Hey just wanted to say hello and glad to see another Arizona member where is the Phoenix team is at ?
    Hey seen your you tube account and seen something that I am really interested in learning to do.... The personal mannequin that you guys make. How do you start off and about how much tape do you use for an estimate 180LBS person. Is it difficult to do or just time consuming? thanks in advance for the tips. Keep up the good work.
    Hey, I'm trying to pull together some people from the 405th to go to Gencon 2013 at the Indiana convention center in August 15th-18th. Are you willing to come all the way up here?
    not to sure about Phoenix comicon, depends on if i build the whole armor shebang or not =P if I have something decent made than I would love too. how about you?
    roxy hello my fellow arizona 405th member. you have some excellent work! hour to see some more great work from you!
    Hey Hun thought I would pop by and see how your doing as your not around as much as you used to be. Hope all is well with you.

    WOW. Your builds are amazing! I wish that I could catch up on my armor build, WAIT! I'll go do that now Roxy! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Hey Roxy. Congrats on making Elite Status on your build. You definitely deserve it! I couldn't post in your thread since it was moved to the Elite Showcase, but wanted to let you have my congrats somehow. You're build has truly been inspirational.
    Thanks. You use it to cover the edges of the armour, right? Right now I am working on a suit of evaluation foam stuff and sanding it down is a pain in the butt.
    Thanks again for making the trek all the way out to Surprise to help me with my build. You kick-ass, girlie-girl!
    Congrats on your armor build, I can't wait too see if you have any planned upgrades to your amor. Are you planning on building an other suit? Either way great job and I hope your future builds go just as great if not better.
    hey what's up? long time no talk. getting ready for the con in phoenix comin up, but wasn't sure about the time for the costume contest. :/ do you know what day/time it is?
    Sorry i forgot to ask. Whats the types of foam commonly used and which do you use? I saw craft foam and id like to know a bit more. Sorry for being nooby but im one of those guys if i grt an idea i run full pelt woth it. Cheers
    Sorry i should clarify. Im still using pep to make a suit however im interested in making a reach foam and undersuit like you have. The details you have gotten so far are amazing compared to pep and id love to get started on my own. So apart from those threads where else would i be best looking? What are covered in your youtube vids? I havnt had a chance to watch them as my only means of internet is my iphone. All your advice and words of wisdom are appreciated. I couldnt see a complete helmet in your thread. What are you planning to do there?
    Aye roxyroo, im loving the reach foam build. Ufortunately when i first started i was led to believe foams cheap and basty and bondo n pep is the way. However seeing your suits progress id love to get into it. I know its been covered before. But are their any specific thewads for starting out or would you be able to do up a quick tutprial on getting started an the processes? Any hwlp or links to the right area would be great. Good luck with the suit
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