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  • Alrighty. I won't be on much for the rest of this year because I'll be on deployment at the end of the month, but maybe I'll see you on Live!
    Im not sure, but s/he was looking to see if there was a red uk spartan from inverness here, ill try and find the thread again and ill post it on ur page.
    Oh wait, that was your thread.... Never mind then, thought i was onto something then. urg
    Sure feels good to finally have a profile here. I'd heard about this place a while ago but never got onto till now. Yeh, i saw one of those inverness guys thread some time earlier. Where about you at, cos highlands isnt that descriptive.
    thanks man. its just that my comm seem to be unable to open up links. maybe its because i am in singapore or its juz my ol' comm. many stickies i read that provide links are either messed up or simply brings me back to the forums page. thanks anyway for the help. oh and 1 more thing, is pepekura paper just any other ordinary paper with a difference of thickness or is the material slightly different. sorry for troubling you and thanks for all the help. hope we can have a chance to meet each other.( i don't know how)
    hey, just wanna confirm with you if what i know is right..


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