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  • "Nice, You get that from space props or did you make it?"

    Hello, sorry for answer sooo late ... i make the helmet with all detail possible.. i was working like 2-3 hours around 4-6 months, it was my first helmet and the pep was taken from here made by Belakor
    Thanks for the offer, but I think the postage cost of sending stuff back and forth for vac-forming would probably be more than me building my own vac-former unfortunately
    Hay yall! Im here to embrace new ideas and try new things. So if you ANY unigue ideas and game plans msg me and we can talk.
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Im all for Halo and ALL video games, therefor I DONT hate on COD or even WOW or eny other series.

I love to take things in a video game and RIP them from the virtual world bring it in to ours.
Big Spring Texas.......the crapiast lonely town in
I have a disability record so im using my costume