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    jtm1997's reach pilot, emile, recon, odst, deadmau5, Scout, and daft punk helmet peps

    hey i almost unfolded your emile helm, but when i click the unfold button, the program break the pieces that i made into little ones and it gets all so messy. any help? Sorry if my english is bad
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    Reach Shotgun

    sorry for being a pain in the ass but.. any updates?
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    AC hidden blade help

    I want to build a hidden blade for de launch of the game. And I have basically no idea of what I need to do. Any help will be apreciated.
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    Ichigo Mask 3D Model

    plaseeee resumee... my friend´s bday is so close and i wanna make this mask for him, he loves bleach!! please men, do it... (T.T)
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    Your favorite saying in Halo:Reach

    Jorge: She just lost her father, she needs phsyquiatric treatment! Emile: She´s not the only one... (Somenthing like that)
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    OPINIONS For an ODST suit

    Paint it pink then, LOL
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    Reach Shotgun

    sorry for asking this much but... ANY UPDATES?
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    Reach Shotgun

    How much time rests? The wait is being looong, but it seems it will worth it! Great job man!!!
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    W.I.P Halo:Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun (Highpoly)

    WHOA amazing dude. Keep it up!
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    Reach Shotgun

    Who´s gonna unfold it?
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    Chevysrule's 3D Models

    When is that AR coming??
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    Reach Shotgun

    Hey, any updates bro? I really want to build it...:( Ask Carpathiav99 to unfold it, he does beasts unfolds on weapons and everything!:p -Bye-
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    Carpathia's Carter Build (picture heavy!!)

    hey Carp,only want you to know that you inspirated me building my emile(i´ll post a thread soon). BTW congratulations with your armor, you are doing an epic job!. PD:We wantz updatez lol
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    Reach Shotgun

    really waiting for it, cos im making emile... hope you finish it soon
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Hey L3X, I built your knife (Am I the first?:)) Here are some pics: Sorry but something is up with my computer and I cant post images. And sorry for the bad quality...