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    2019 ODST Build

    Nicely done. When the good get going, the going gets good! Keep it up!
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    Sigues activo? Un saludo.

    Sigues activo? Un saludo.
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    Tactonyx Halo Weapons Thread

    Looking AMAZING as ever! Can't wait to see the BR55 done! Btw. I'm picking up my parcel from you tomorrow! Mind if I upload a pic here once done? Can't wait to get my hands on them! Thanx a bunch Tactonyx. You own!
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    Halo: Dropping Embers

    Looking very promising! Any ideas yet on when you're going to start filming? Happy new year btw!
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    Taking the leap... ODST helmet WIP

    It's looking VERY nice! Happy New year btw! All the best wishes to all of you. May the best day from 2012 prove to be the worst of all your days in 2013!
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    Soft Parts Undersuit Reference Pictures

    I'm busy on that too. I'm using in game pictures. Just gotta wait until I can take my 360 home from base and hook it up to internet. If you guys can wait it out and think them useful... I'll happily share. Then there is something that I vaguely seem to remember... I've seen some WIP models from...
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    Build Up Towards Halo Hall of Armor (3 Suits and counting)

    Hey Thanks ^^ Great looking vids. I'll have to comment Stealth on them! I'll see what comes rolling out of my own hands. Hope it'll look HALF as good as yours and I'll buy.
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    Build Up Towards Halo Hall of Armor (3 Suits and counting)

    0.0 just that? with what thickness foam boards? 10mm? Got any vids or tuts you did? I wanna own YOUR skills!
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    Build Up Towards Halo Hall of Armor (3 Suits and counting)

    0.0 WTF.... I have to go change my undies now... Wauw... that IS amazing WORK... How long have you been foaming to get this level of detaill? I mean... LOOK AT IT!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!! AND I CAN'T EVEN GET 45º ANGLED CUTS ON MY FOAM BOARDS!!!
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    Sliced DMR Build

    Found it!!! It's looking SO great, I've just downloaded the file to take on as a side proyect! Looking VERY fine! With a great attention to detail. I was wondering. Could you hang up more ref pics of the in game DMR? You seem to have quite good ones! Keep it up and I'll keep checkin up on you...
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    Noble 6 & Noble 2 (Kat B-320) Foam Build

    Looking VERY clean! Keep up the amazing work! BTW. IS that a sliced win DMR? It looks VERY GOOD! Why U NO SHOW AN TELL?
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    Lordhood's Projects Picture Heavy

    Anxiously awaiting further broadcasts here! How did the moving go? Any mayor problems or just fine? I'm hoping for the latter. You guys feeling at home already ^^ *just trying to be nice. Not a busybody. Don't answer if you don't feel like it! Now I'm left wondering. You DO have a toilet inside...
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    Tactonyx Halo Weapons Thread

    Half Life 2 OMG!!!! You seize not to amaze!!!!! Wow!!! Got any moving parts as well?? Great work tactonyx!!! U got MAD weapon zkillz!!!!
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    Noble 6 & Noble 2 (Kat B-320) Foam Build

    It's looking sheeeeeeer amaaaaaaaaazing!!! Very cleanly done! Would you consider sharing your modification files? I'm wanting to do a foam noble 6 armour after finishing my pep/resin/rondo/bondo H3 HD build. Or start it as a side proyect to be able to change and not get bored of one proyect...
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    Devastator's Star Wars helmet WIPs

    May I enquire about where you got those files Gottahavemal! Well I'm really dying to got my hands on a EPII Clone or even better yet a Standard Clone Commando pep. The problem is I only got my hands on a EPII clone complete armour file. And it's VERY low def and a biAtch to pep. No seriously...