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  • Hey! I built a prototype parafoil carapace <granted it was used for a transformer costume but its the shape im using for my Spartan> the harness for it is boss yo, based it off a low altitude parachute. pics on the medic page - hope you are well!

    - JD
    Hey Toacrabman,

    I tried sending this to you as a PM but it said your inbox was full. Feel free to delete this as soon as you read it.

    Spartan-005 just got back to me. The thing is we already have about 2 contributing writers with a vast knowledge of the Halo universe plus 4 military advisers.

    So, unless you can provide anything else such as costuming, props or a post production skill set we unfortunately don't know what else you can contribute to the project.

    But hey, I want to genuinely thank you for wanting to help us out as I'm sure that with the growing number of costume artists, more filmmakers will take notice and hopefully find you the right project.

    Keep in touch, Thanks again!
    I did it, but dont worry, i violated alot of rules about their information policy. They probably wont even find out my Ip adress
    Okay im going to get a facebook or something because my friends annoy me about it, and i tell them, i didnt need to know that about their grandparents, and i dont want them stalking me, but they are really persistant.
    I just burned my hand pretty bad while working on the EVA foam, looks to be second degree, so im gonna delay the foam build for a few days. : (
    Heh crabman! Im thinking about trying rondo instead of the hole 1,2,3. business on my new armor biuld. Do you think I should stick to the original series since Im a noob or should I try the rondo.... Just asking
    Hey Toacrabman... This is Alphadeltafoxtrot I was wondering if you had an XboxLive ID If you do Id like you to send me a friend request.... Mine is reachforit1(my friend stole it from me as a user name for the 405th)....
    you can export with sketchup without the password.
    export it as a .kmz file
    then open your documents folder where you saved it and rename the file extension to .zip
    extract and then go into the models folder contained within and the file will be there as a .dae
    pep can open .dae or you you can do what i usually do and use blender to eport it as different file formats using the python 6 plug in.
    hope this helps
    i did the same with 3d modelling im currently trying to learn to use blender now a good source for teaching blender is
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