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    MLC Mark VI Helmet

    the fiberglass pull (its not pepped fiberbglass) was 260 by itself without paint or visor...
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    MLC Mark VI Helmet

    that works too, but the helmet was made to fit the visor, that way it is really easy to replace, and the reflection comes applied at the factory.
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    MLC Mark VI Helmet

    its actually a motorcycle visor. It came that way for $30
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    MLC Mark VI Helmet

    it was tough, had to cut it down to size and make custom mounting brackets that are epoxied to the helmet on the inside and bolted to the visor
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    MLC Mark VI Helmet

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    Any Freenet Users?

    Looking for some people to add as friends on Freenet. If you don't know freenet: While everything can be used for good or evil, Freenet is just form of privacy protection that allows you to maintain your anonymity while browsing. Places that censor media leaving (opressive middle...
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    Billy Mays Rap

    coroner released the findings from the autopsy, Billy's heart gave out due to his long running cocaine addiction.
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    Adam & Spase On Kotaku

    hey good news they updated it, we shouldnt have to be the ones to make this happen though, all of Kotaku's sister sites credit the pix they post. Why shouldnt kotaku?
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    Adam & Spase On Kotaku

    So, the story has nothing to do with them, which is lame, and credit isnt even given to them, but the pic was used for a story about the halo movie. Check it out here.
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    Free Armor Painting

    Hey is this still open? I have an MC helmet that would love a paint job!
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    District 9 Determins Halo Movie's Fate

    According to Yahoo's special District 9 website
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    What Are Your Top 5 Bands?

    1-Hollywood Undead 2-3OH! 3 3-Three Days Grace 4-System Of a Down 5-Disturbed
  13. X Is a website that allows you to play one of several easy games, trivia or math for example, and for every correct answer, donates 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. This is possible because while you play the game they get money from a banner at the bottom...
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    Army of two Armor

    lol what you just did was tell your grandpa not to pee on himself... never works out.