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    Props Jorge 052 Chain Gun Scratch Build

    What a beast! Great job.
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    Beaver's ODST Build

    I had seen other members with similar pictures used as their avatar to show their build progress. I had thought there might have been a program similar to Vanity (Reach Armor Builder) so I did abit of searching and came up empty handed. What I ended up doing was using the base picture of the...
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    Beaver's ODST Build

    Well here is an update....however lame it may be. Its been a very crazy couple of weeks that included a disfunctional heating furnace that left my house with out any heat during undoubtably was the coldest week of the year (-45'). Unfortunately, progress has been even slower that I would...
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    Canadian Foam Building Materials

    Hello, Im looking to build afew parts of my current ODST project from foam. Unfortunately, I am unsure of where I can find the required supplies. I have seen large floor mats at Walmart and Canadian Tire, but Im unsure of what they are made of, or what material is actually to be used...
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    My UNSC ONI netbook

    This is very cool.... I will have to look into doing something similar.
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    Why are you online right now?

    Im currently at work, and browsing these forums is better than quality assurance auditing....
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    The B.O.B. Challenge.

    Has anybody ever discovered the purpose of the BOBs? Are they just another Bungie easter egg, or do they have a more significant purpose?
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    The B.O.B. Challenge.

    I flew around for about 1/2 hour and never did find the bugger....
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    You truly are a talented builder. Years of great stuff and definitely an understanding wife. Looking forward to seeing many more years of work.
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    Hey Everyone

    Hello and welcome to the 405th. I dont know much about Dead Space and Im unsure of exactly what your looking for, but a quick search using the "SEARCH" option revealed afew threads related to Dead Space. Try the Search function and have alook around to try to find what you need. Looking...
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    First try at Pepakura ever. What say?

    I know absolutely zero about Warhammer, but your build looks like its comming along nicely. While building, be sure to pay attention to the fold lines to determine whether it is a mountain or valley fold. One approach you may take is to trace the different fold lines with different colours...
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    MY FULL JORGE SUIT!!! WIP (will be pic heavy)

    This is a great looking build. I had considered doing the same build, but its alittle out of my league at the moment. I appologize if it has already been asked as I didnt go through all 15 pages, but do you have any plans to build the chain gun? Again, great job.
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    rino's odst build (WIP)

    This is a great looking build. Thank you very much for the mini tutorial on your chest piece. I'm definitely thinking about going the same route. Do you have any plans to customize your armor?
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    UNSC Armed Conflict Response (ACR) Team Trooper-WIP

    Some very cool concepts. Im looking forward to seeing this come together. Im not sure about the "Aboot". Everybody I know says about... ;) Are you from southern ontario?
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    ODST build

    Your build is looking pretty good so far. I am also just learning, but 1 thing Ive already learned the hard way is to take your time pepping the pieces. A nice clean pep biuld can save you lots of time, frustration and bondo alittle later down the road. Again, good luck and keep up the good...