1st Pepped MKVI Helmet????

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Ok i have already made one but turned out to be a little too small (using the original size) so i increased it to 30cm high.

Its not 100% yet but is this too big?


Actually it does look a little big... The bottom shouldn't be almost hitting your shoulders
Thanks for the response guys.

yes it did take a long time. i've been working on it for the past 2 days. i started on the missing bits in the front and they are an absolute pain to do.

that is not the final resting place for the helmet as it will be padded out. i have an old kevlar helmet that i'm going to take apart and use the padding from that.

One thing i will take form this is that the whole project so far has been fun. this is the last piece as i new it was going to be the hardest. but after making everything else and finishing with this just makes it all worth while. i have the MKVI helmet but the MKV suit so i'm going to make the necessary adjustments. hopefully i will finish it by halloween as it is getting close now. i will update with more as i go along.
So you've got the old school halo 1 suit?

If not, they're both the Mk VI. Just Halo 2 and Halo 3 versions.

Good job on the helm.
Ah No. i thought the Halo 2 was the MKV. Sorry for the mix up.

Next is hardening it all. i was trying to shy away from resining due to the health risks but it looks like i can't really get away from it.

I'll keep updating as i go along.
Personally i think it is JUST a little too big. But, its up to you, i would scale it down again. Yet, its a ******* hard Pep...so maybe not :p
How tall are you? 6'8"... lol a bit big...

The original 26cm is to small?... have you tried trimming a bit off around where your ears go in....
The blue areas are what I cut out to get it past my ears, because front to back was great, but the sides hit my ears... anyways, with this cut out, no one will ever see it, and the 26cm height worked great...

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