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Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well despite the fact it's the dreaded Monday again.

I've made some very recent changes to Division Staff by way of 2 new additions that I'm very excited about.

First we have FlyinPhil - Phil and I met for the first time in person at the Calgary Expo this year. He impressed me at the time with his passion for this community and willingness to share information with others and has continued to impress me since that time. Phil will be taking on the Marketplace once he and I get some training from Art on how to keep that area in line with the Marketplaces on the other MPS forums like the RPF. No, we aren't going to start policing sales, they are still at your own risk. However, we'll be working on keeping things cleaned up and flowing so nothing gets lost in a sea of necro sale posts, etc.

Next is Cadet. Some of you know that Cadet is the current RCO for the Midwest Regiment. Cadet has agreed to take on assisting me with Internal Communications. We're going to, work on getting you all some guides to help answer your questions about events and deployment and all other things 405th. Cadet has also impressed me with his communication skills and his ability, and almost more importantly, willingness, to lead.

Both Phil and Cadet are going to be fantastic additions to Division Staff. Of course, it's going to take a little time for them to get access and up to speed, but expect to see both of them in their new roles shortly. For the sake of clarity, Cadet is most definitely staying on to serve his Regiment as the RCO.

Welcome to both of you, and thank you so much for taking these roles on!
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Congrats to those who got the promotions flyingphil definitely deserve it (cadet dose as well of course as well i just never talked to him)


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Thank you very much everyone! I'm extremely happy to be able to help the community in this manner, and look forward to watching our community grow!


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Congratulations Gentlemen on your positions. Here to help with assistance or support needs.


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Yes, congrats to both of you. You will both be great additions to our team. Thank you for being willing to join us.
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