20 Day Paper Mache ODST/Reach Build

Shadow 2r5

Jr Member
Hey guys, been a year since I last posted, so I'm probably breaking a few rules in this post. Sorry in advance. I totally forgot about Halloween till now. I plan to be a Reach ODST for this year, and I'm not going for accuracy since this is going to be a speed run.

Right now, I am planning to reuse my leg and forearm armor from last year's MK Vb build, which is probably in my signature. Here are the forearms:

I have currently printed the helmet peps, and I'll post credits for the files when I have access to them. I'm currently cutting all the pieces out but it's taking forever, so I'm taking a break and I just want some feedback on my plans.

For the shoulders, I don't know whether or not to pep them or scratch build from cardboard. In your guys' experience, which way is quicker?

For the chest, I plan on buying a Nerf Vest and hanging either pep'd or scratch built pieces. Here's a picture of the vest

So before I continue on anything, are there any warnings or tips I should know first?