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  • so the pieces the aren't in there, I've gotta find the pieces that I need to flip and do so? Just one more question... how do I flip things????
    Ok just making sure about that. So if i print put the pieces you gave me and traced out the pieces on EVA foam, it shpuld look like yours?
    Ok, Thanks a lot for the file. I've only got one question, what kind of foam did you use? was it EVA foam or was it something thinner?
    I see that you are making your chest pieces out of foam. Can you do me a big favor and send me the link that you get the pieces from that you trace from the paper to the foam? Thanks a lot :D
    Thanks man for the tips, you two have been a lot of help. Ill be honest, im still sanding and adding details. but i have my fans lights and metal mesh for details. Ya i am a slow worker.
    I was wondering how any gloss colors look on a helm, check my profile for the full report. THANX in advance and as always retreat is not an option.
    Hey Sandy This is Backatcha Productions i was wondering if you could answer a question or two, i am kinda a noob at pepekura and im in the bondo and sanding stage. Thanks in advance and have a great day.
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