2024 - Upcoming Pacific Regiment Events

San Diego, CA April 7-9

San Diego, CA July 19-23
San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)

Santa Clara, CA October 14-15
SiliCon with Adam Savage

Los Angeles, CA December 1-3
Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC)
Anime Con @ Los Angles Convention Center July 4-7
For me, the chances of getting tickets to SDCC have slightly better odds than hitting the powerball lottery. I am willing to go do an exterior photo shoot, but other than that, I will not be there.
Do you buy tickets with other people? Me and my friends do buy parties whenever the tickets go on sale.
Do you buy tickets with other people? Me and my friends do buy parties whenever the tickets go on sale.
So I haven't been doing many cons until late. I think the last con I did before ECCC in late 2022, was SDCC in 2007. Here is a pic with Pipninja (in the striped shirt), NobleActual (In the Hawaiian shirt) and myself as the bikerscout from that event. I would invite you to come up to Seattle in October for Halo Championship Series Worlds (HCS). That is a great event!
what days are you going and what armor are you wearing? Ill be there all 4 days, been going since i was 14, 29 now, ahah im old. I'm going to wear my chief armor on day 2 and maybe day 3
Going all four days! Though not sure when I’m wearing my Yoroi just yet, got a few other things planned for the con. I’ll let you know when it gets closer!
There's a chance I'll be able to get to Rose City for a day? It'll be right when my school year starts, but Portland is not a terrible drive. I recently got done with a Scarecrow mask from Batman that I'm pretty proud of, so that might blossom into a full costume haha.
Pride was lovely! I hope everyone had a great time. I've got some pictures that I'll get edited and sent to the appropriate people soon. If I send you a picture, feel free to post them as you see fit. I still don't know how BaronArden wasn't dying in his suit yesterday, but he looked *fabulous.*

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