2nd commercial leaked.

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Before you watch this, know that the company that created this commercial has no idea how the game ends.

The video shows a brute having master chief by the back of the armor. holding his arm up in the air in victory. It appears the chief has lost.... until... the grenade.
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wtf? they couldn't make it CG? they had to play with dolls huh? is this the one made by "GoFilm"?
So does this contain spoliers ? Cause I really want to watch it, but I dont want to ruin the game. I mean, its a mere 11 days away and Ive been waiting for a year, and I dont want to spoil it this close to release :p
Sorry guys but im waiting for the 14th when its on marketplace download. Anyway i loved the end of that commercial it looks like they used clay and stop motion animation unsc figures look so cool when they have blood on them. I wana buy that diorama.
there are no spoilers i think it just shows a memory of a battle a merine had with master chief and that what kep him going is that the chief never quit its a awesome vid i wanna see the other one and its already on market place to download that where i first watched it yesterday
Nice find. This is making me more and more annoyed that my 360 got that most dreadful of all LED patterns anywhere, the RROD. So, i wont get it back for ~25 days. :mad: :mad:
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