3-D Screenies

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Dude in the first pic, if u pause it before the explosion, u see a little rocket. is that from the rocket launcher or what? I only ask cuz it looks kinda small
thought that i did have quicktime....well i did redo my computer, lets try to download it again

got it i love the elite one ;-) :hyper:
are you talking about a rocket when the warthog gets blown up??? becuase if you are its not a rocket, its someone shooting the bombs with a sniper.

EDIT: WOAH wait a minute holy crap it is a rocket the rocket trail didnt look like a rocket trail to me XD well looks like im wrong, i guess i should of watched it more than once.
Quote form bungie on how they made the 1337 video.

3D Screenshots!

What is it, and how did we do it? Well, you know we hear loads of noise about how our screens are fake, or pre-renders or Photoshop, well as E3 probably demonstrated they're not. They're taken from gameplay, in the game engine, using a couple of tools, some developed specifically by and for Bungie. This 3D screenshot is taken using one of those tools.

Basically we pause the action (technically we just reduce the game speed to zero and since we have incremental speed control we can pause when we get to that 'perfect' moment) and run a simple but cool executable to rotate around the action and take individual snaps – they're strung together in this Quicktime format and serve to illustrate the scene in more detail. This one in particular shows off just how devastating an Elite with an energy sword can be.

The app was created by our own Aaron Lieberman, and the shots directed by Zoe Brawley. Zoe plays and captures and plays and captures 'til she creates scenarios that look cool, show off the graphics and make for a worthwhile 3D shot.

Here in the office, we have great fun with these, making stupidly dangerous scenarios involving fusion cores, rockets and tons of grenades, just to see what it looks like in real time 3D. Never gets old! We're gonna have more of these in future, so keep your eyes peeled.

keep in mind i just took the useful stuff from the site if you want to read the whole thing go here:
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