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Ok. Next question!

For those who have not been following my ODST Build, I am beginning to print the SMG model I modified and am printing it in ABS. The first part failed epically over night. I cleaned the bed, releveled the bed and reapplied my ABS juice for adhesion. The second piece is the barrel. I have been printing it since 2200 last night and just 30 mins ago or so found it spagetting. It ran no problem for 12 hours. I was able to stop the print before wasting too much filament but I don't understand what went wrong.

PXL_20210607_133807362.jpg PXL_20210607_133803125.jpg

When I found it failed, the smaller piece had been completely knocked over and the taller piece was wobbling as the extruder ran over it's top. Both pieces were attached to their rafts but the rafts were detached from the plate. I think I can salvage the piece and print the remaining portion of the barrel separately but still kind of annoying.

Why would a print randomly become detached from the bed after 12 hours? I have it in an enclosure so it should all remain the same temp the whole time...I am also concerned because the barrel isn't round... It's kinda ovular and idk why... The file is round...


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So, anyone using this thread for their own troubleshooting- I was able to fix this issue by increasing my bed temp. I didn't initially think this was the problem bc I had printed a lot of other stuff at the lower bed temp with no problem. Those things weren't quite as tall tho. I did just pump the temp up to 80 °C and then printed some other tall things with no problem.

Moral of the story is: it takes longer than you think to dial in the best settings for different materials. I got complacent and was rewarded with several failed prints.

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Glad your getting your settings dialed in. I run 100°C for bed temp with abs with abs/acetone slurry and definitely a raft for anything tall and skinny. No idea on your oval barrel tho. Maybe because it was moving back and forth as it printed?

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