4 Suits In 3 Weeks? =) -Formerly Eod Female Build


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Good job so far. Progress is coming along great. Your work has inspired me and i am starting work on my first suit today. :cool


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Artek said:
tonights update--

arsenal start-



got armour said:
Your arsenal looks great can u give me a link to the grenades

He got them from me. :D

This build looks awesome! especially the frag grenades, ;) :p

i can't wait to see a pic of the frags painted.

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wow thats just awesome! you guys did a fantastic job on all the suits, and thats the first Naval Pilot ive seen. again great work =D



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Wow! You did an amazing job. The suits look awesome. I love them all. My fav part is the kill notches with the You're next!

Where did you get the odst visors? You have two different colors going on (i prefer the redish tinted one). Awsoem job once again! A hell of a deadline: Made!


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HOLY FUBARD! Everything looks amazing, and the tally with the "your next" on it, that is personaly my favorite touch (I find it hilariously cool/creepy)! Great job on finishing everything on time guys! I look forward to any future products to come (even though most things built weren't yours)!? Lol, but you guys did a great job, you peoples deserve some cookies!!!! =P


Sorry guys, he kinda beat me too it! Sooo...... yah!?


thanks everyone.

i want to thank

ITHICA. for the gangster RECON helm and the others :)

SHMALOFAN for the dope grenades he rushed to me

SEAN BRADLEY, who not only got me 2 suits, but THEN last minute poured and express mailed me a helmet!!!!

thanks to the encouragement of the 405th and friend ships built, i hope to continue making more!!! this is just the start!


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Those suits look AMAZING!! i love that pilot helmet.

and your welcome. :) anytime. ;)

can't wait to see some finished pics of those nades. 'excitement'


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Standing ovation for a job well done, and in a short timeframe too!! Definitely a great lineup of gear, little bit jealous actually. Good job on everything.