405th Chatbox try now! (Testing Stage)

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Awesome idea, the chatting is really cool. Trading knowledge and just general discussion is extremely simple with this.


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This is a great idea, and it's been great chatting with fellow armour builders. From sharing tips and tricks to crazy build ideas (1:1 scale halo ring anyone?) to just general conversation, it's been awesome. Also been pretty active the times I've been on.
It doesn't work on a mobile device so if you can adjust that it'd be convenient. Otherwise great idea and I'm glad you have it working.


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this chatbox is really good, ive been using it for a couple of days now. had some good ideas come out of it.
definitely worth checking it out sometime
what mobile device do you have I know that an tinychat app for Android exist.
I don't know if it's just for android, but my god Tinychat SUCKS for mobile... unless someone can direct me to a legit one or something.

I still think I downloaded a fake but I looked over 5 pages and didn't get another app with Tiny or Chat. Well... a lot of chats but...

Anyways I'm trying to say mobile for android does not work. Yes, it would be massively convenient for me if I could use it on my phone whenever I'm bored or drinking coffee or something
Hey guys, sorry I've been inactive but it's great to see you're enjoying and making use of it.

I know there is an app for iPhone, I went to get it but it's not free. Still only 99c. I'm not sure about android though. To be honest we should keep our eyes peeled for other chat-hosting websites. Tinychats character limit is VERY small, sometimes so small it cuts off links, and use on a device would certainly be helpful to some members too.

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