405th Chatbox try now! (Testing Stage)

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We have a password to stop spammers. The password is "unity".
Here it is. The chatbox test. I'm gonna join while I work on a few pieces, hopefully you guys can join me!

I used tinychat as suggested, and as I haven't cleared anything up with the mods, this is in no way official, thus, the odd URL. I'll see how this goes, hopefully people will join and if this rockets in popularity, I'll certainly suggest having an official one made for the 405th.



I was wondering if we had, or ever did have, a shoutbox on this site?

My reason for asking is that there are usually a decent amount of users online at once, and not only would it sometimes be nice to just chat to those users, if we have a quick question we want to throw out there without making a fuss about it and creating a thread or making a post, we could ask it in the shoutbox, it's an easy way to get quick tips, advice and a place to share findings and creations quickly when we just want to have a casual chat.

Don't worry mods, I'm not suggesting you guys go ahead and implement one into the site (unless you really want to), but there are many 3rd party websites that allow you to create private chat-rooms on their servers with just a link to follow, usually for free. I was tempted to go ahead and do this now but I actually wanted to:
a) Check that the staff would be okay with it
b) See if anybody would use it

Otherwise it'd be kinda pointless. So what do you guys think? Would you use it?


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There actually was a chatroom some time ago, I think in '09 or something. It was okay for a while but it was a separate module from the site. Perhaps if it had been integrated as a pop up that travelled with users while they navigated the 405th it would have done better? I know I hate switching from one page to another; can't focus on either page!
Yeah as much as I'd like a built-in site chatroom, I feel that'd be asking quite alot of the mods & admins. However if enough people think they would use it, I'll atleast suggest the idea to the staff of an external chat-room, sometimes I sit here looking checking the news feed waiting for a new post cause I'm that bored, it'd be nice if while waiting I could just switch windows to a chatroom filled with members doing the same thing as me, so we can banter about armour without spamming up the forums, if you know what I mean?


I've been looking forward to something like this ever since I joined.
Spartan-420, I do the exact same thing Lol.



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Do you guys have any ideas on which one you'd even use? I am curious if anyone else has a web server.

Also, whiteboard based chats are fun.


Soaring hammer has a chat room for members. But it rarely has anyone on ( probably because there are not very many people who like using it. And that there is usually Only one or two people on at a time) but Ya I would love to have a chat room here on the 405th.
I would use a chat to but only as a build in modul.
Well as I said before, that's asking quite alot. I don't believe it's as simple as copy & pasting a chatbox into the forum. I'm sorry that moving your cursor a few inches to change tab is such a workout for you, but unless you want to make a donation to the staff to get the site upgraded with a built-in chatbox, you're gonna have to come to terms with it.

Personally I don't mind having an external chatroom if it's all we can manage, I'm always switching tabs to check different parts of the forums anyway, it wouldn't really effect me. We might even be able to ask the staff to put the link somewhere on the front page or somewhere visible to help keep it active.
I'm guessing It needs webcams for this (as NDE mentioned) which I don't have otherwise I'd like the idea I'd be in :)
You can still join the chat and view the cameras without having a webcam yourself. Everyone would still be talking in the text-box. It's just for those people that wanna show their work/tutorials first hand in video.


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Sound like a good idea. I have used chat boxes and stuff before on sites like The Hunters Lair and etc. If 405th eventually has one I would use it.
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