+62% Done With My Suit! Pics and Updates

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James Falcon

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Ok, I know its been a few weeks since I set foot on here to give any updates concerning my Mark V's progress. But I'm now here to prove to everyone that this update was worth the wait.

Long story short - I have 19 days to complete this suit, and I'm holding at 62% completed. Yeah, I know, you guys are muttering to yourselves that there's no way in hell I'll make it. That very well may be, but win, lose, or draw, I'm using my suit at a party I'm attending on the 29th.

So, since I've started increasing my completion by daily incriments of 2%, I just might make it (And no, I'm not joking. The past 3 days spent working after school have rendered about 6% of completion).

So, in short, my status report is about like this -

Helmet - 5%
Chest Plate - 40%
Fusion Pack - 7%
Shoulder Guards - 68%
Forearm Guards - 60%
Gloves Plates- 95%
Belt - 80%
Thigh Guards - 70%
Shin Guards - 75%
Boots - 74%
MA5C - 92%

Total - About 61%, but counting some extra odds and ends - 62%

Ok, here's the pics -








Included in this set are pics of my new shoulder guards, the start of the fusion pack, and the second chest plate prototype to replace the earlier model that was too small. Other pics include almost most-recent pics of my fiberglassing progress on the various pieces. These will probably NOT make it to HBO, so enjoy 'em here.

So, 19 days to go and absolutely no time to screw around with other random crap! Pray that I make it!!!

Moz said:
What material is it made from?

Matboard and fiberglass. Same as yours, if I'm not mistaken.

And I've broken the barrier on 62.5% as of last night. 37.5% to go!
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No, I used cardstock, looking back I wish I had just build it from scratch with matboard or plastic.

build the helmet pepakura though, it will save you alot of time, just use selective folding to keep the round curves and get some body filler to round it off abit.
YYEEEEEE-HEEEE!! I've been waiting for this for a looooong time! Can't wait to see it finished!
James, This is turning out incredible. I really don't think anyone gives you enough credit for your work and what you have done thus far. Its really good stuff to me and I absolutly love it.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated! I look forward to seeing this armor brought through to the end.

Props to you man.


Edit: Wait a second :p, I would give you props, but you seem to make your own :). Keep us updated! :D
Ok. Time for another update!

In case you haven't seen my personal blog stamps, I missed my date for finishing my suit by today. And some people have been asking me if this is too tragic a loss to motivate me to continue. Well, if that is your belief - you don't know me.

I may have missed my chance to flaunt my suit to people at the all-important party that happened tonight, but I still hauled my MA5C along for the fun and was massively overwhelmed by awe-inspired people. Mostly since, in my opinion, my rifle looks a heck of a lot better in person than on my worthless POS camera. Nonetheless, I still took some pics of my latest and final paint job on my MA5C which OFFICIALLY qualifies it as complete. I'll be adding the pics on here shortly.

First though, 3 things -

1) My new due date for my Mark V is ABSOLUTELY no later than December 1st (Happy Birthday to ME :lol:)

2) All future updates and pics will be placed on my blog on here. Comments are enabled, so don't be afraid to post if you like.

3) These pics I'm about to post contain pics of my almost-completed fusion pack matboard frame and my still-under-construction chest plate.

So, here's the pics -








- gotta post the rest seperately due to image limitations :cautious:





Ok, that's it...

And oh, did I forget about those glove plates? :whistle:

That, my friends is the one stage of my suit that is 100% (if you exclude the glove sleeves that hold the plates in place :cautious: ). And yes, notice they are cobalt. I did take the advice instilled by the poll I started concerning my armor's color, and cobalt won by a margin. So here's the tip of the completion iceberg, and hopefull more shall follow as the next 30 days go by.

As said earlier, all future pics will end up on my blog so I don't have to keep resurrecting this forum. I'm going to be busy, so questions are still not highly recommended at this time.

As always, stay tuned for updates! G'night ya'll. :cool:

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