A Big Thanks

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Hey all,
I just wanted to thank all the guys who run the site, and I think we all should.
A bunch of work must go into this site and I think a thanks is in order to show our appreciation to the guys who spend a bunch of their time building a medium through which we can gather and discuss a hobby we enjoy with great passion.
Thanks guys, you work doesn't go unappreciated. ;-)

- Shifty
Adam said:
Please make a check out to Mancubus

aww thanks :mrgreen: adam we would all have made one of these but we are to lazy so yeah
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Thanks Shifty, it's nice to have one of the new crop show some appreciation.

... so wierd how the forums change in just a few weeks time.

Anyhow, salute! :clap:
I feel ya, there! I used to run my own gaming clan, website forum, galleries, flash chat, game servers, and the whole clan on top of that!

I know the work that goes into these sites!

BTW have you thought about making a gaming clan out of this site? Give it the [MA] tag. Once I get my copy of H2 for vista I might just be up for playing some online halo! :mrgreen:
I think you pronounce it asthough the j were a y, Ares.
So like my-ol-nir

But thats just what I think
uhhh did anyone go to the homepage?!!?!? i posted a direct link to where it says how to pronouce it pfffffffffffft.......here ill just paste where it sasy how to pronounce it since some people are to lazy to point click and read lol whatever here

Well first off, it's pronounced Mee Yole Near, yes - the "j" is pronounced like a "y". It is named for the hammer that Thor used in ancient mythology.
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