It's about time to get back to it ladies and gentlemen. Lets talk about big get togethers.

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405th Regiment Officer
Its about time for a conversation about conventions! You all remember those things we used to do, way back in the day before years kinda just melted together and we didn't know what day it was? Dontcha? Pepperidge farm remembers!

Enough bad jokes (not really though), lets get to the meat and potatoes.

We have all been in some semblance of a bubble for long enough now, and that con-crave is strong. How do we approach it? I'm not you and I' not we. I can give you some semblance of guidance though. Everyone is going to experience their own bit of anxiety or excitedness for the up and coming con season. Its one boat or the other. You will have reservations with activities or go full ham with them.

The biggest thing you need to do is to go at YOUR own rate. If you are in a large group, have a conversation beforehand about expectations. What makes you feel comfortable, what makes you uncomfortable? What would make you unwilling to participate in something? Are you willing to accept that some people are going to want to participate in things you may not be comfortable with?

Be honest with yourself, and set YOUR own expectations. Con season is about YOU having fun.

If you are slightly uncomfortable with something, but want to persevere, remember one thing. We are cosplayers. We have a very physical mask we can hide behind. If something gets to hard and we don't want to continue, we have that same mask to hide behind. We also have our group to lean on in either side of this situation.

Y'all gave me the moniker PapaBraus. I'm not the only dad out there. Find the leader in your group if you need extra support. If you can lead and see that someone needs support, give it to them. I want to see a beautiful con season with plenty of events and photos.

Ladies and gentlemen of the 405th, as always, be well to each other, be safe, and support each other every chance you get. Look forward to the next handshake, or the first handshake if it hasn't happened yet. Don't let the fear of the unknown cripple you before you stand up.

FANGS Wanted me to add, in her words: Remember that everyone will be at different stages of what they are comfortable with. We all want to see each other but ask before hugging or touching another member that you aren't travelling with. You might be okay with hugging people, they may not be. Please respect that. Ask before you come in to their 6 foot bubble. Make having that conversation normal so everyone is comfortable with voicing their wishes. And unless they say otherwise, ask every time. Also, just because you see someone else within each others 6 foot bubble, don't assume that you are also permitted.

TurboCharizard suggested I add : If you're not comfortable even though you thought you were it's okay to reevaluate and get the heck out. Number one rule of bodily autonomy is that you always have full control and can change your mind at any point if something isn't right.
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