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this isnt about who we let in... i believe its about who we reach out to...

Many of us here at the 405th, including me, are guilty of just using this site to download the newest halo pep files. But our community is soo much more than that. I remember shortly after joining I was invited to a wedding via 405th.(not me personally and i couldnt make it though i wanted to.) Its that sense of community that we need to bring back to the 405th. I used to keep in touch with people on my friends list but after the site theme switched over I guess I just lost track of it.

AceNat: If you read this I'd like to say hello its been a while... how are you?
(I know its not the place to put this and maybe I'll get banned or yelled at but its to prove a point.)

We need to start being a community, I understand none of us probably would fit in with eachothers crowd.(like me fitting in with thatdecade and ventrue.) But it doesnt mean we cant be friends here.

Maybe if we had a community chat board or chat room. People who are online can just talk about whats going on no matter the subject.

When I was on the 405th Insider's live web chat it was that community we are searching for agian. I know its here in the 405th, we have the ability to do great things and meet great people. Sure everyone gets mad when a fresh user comes strolling of the internet fishing for some "really cool armor". That doesnt mean you need to stomp down on people like that. Just help them correct themselves and if they're commited to the cause they'll get better, if not they'll move on.

And Im not saying this cause of any story about a girl and her astromech. Im saying this cause I miss my friends on here. I miss having people I could call friends on here.

As Ithica said,"It is not about Halo Props...it is about being part of a Community that builds props together."
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I agree with everyone here. We need to find a way to bring the community back together like it was back in the day.
When I was on the 405th Insider's live web chat it was that community we are searching for again.
I also feel like I'm back among friends like I once was when I'm in the live chat. Also, the limited registration like we had before would be a good idea because ,like stated above, it would force people to read the stickies. the end result would be more noobs that will know what we are about, and less noobs that are complete morons and/or trolls.


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We seriously need to stop beating ourselves up. We are all doing a great job, of course there's room for improvement, there always is. We can't blame the noobs for not knowing anything, that's why there here. Yes they can ask derptacular questions, but didn't we?

Its up to us, the average 405th members to make this place better in all our little actions. Wether it be mentoring a noob, posting an encouraging word, or writing a tut. Its up to us and through our actions to make the 405th what we want it to be. The 405th staff have very little time to work on the site so we have to be grateful for what do.

When I think of the 405th I think of a bunch of positive, constructive, and helpful people who want to share what they have with others.

Its not in what the forum looks like, but in how we think and act.


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The young girl in the R2-KT story just happened to be Katie, the daughter of Albin Johnson, the founder of the 501st. I believe it is 30% of the proceds from every R2-KT action figure sold go to the Make-A-Wish foundation, and Albin still has R2-KT makes appearances at children's hospitals, and at other events to raise awareness of pediatric cancer. One of our troopers also started the Kilometers for Katie idea, in which 501st members run in any 5k or other races they can to help raise money for pediatric cancer research.


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Thank you Ithica for starting this.
I really got Choked up reading that. Just lost my Grandfather to Bone Cancer 2 weeks ago, He was 86 and beat 5 different cancers out cold. I was to be his doner to help aid in Recovery. So yes, this is the Reason Why I am Truly building my Suit.
I read the column you posted and I read the R2-KT link you posted. Quite honestly this is the reason why I want to build my Armor and other Props. My mother works for an MRDD here in Ohio, and does alot to set-up fundraisers. I'm a Big-time Supporter of the Toys-for-Tots; And I Just want to go to places that I know, and that know of me, while in my armor whenever they have a Fundraiser going on.

Yes, More Community involvement is what we need here. I know and fully understand that I myself am still considered a new guy.
But it would be nice to have more oppurtunities for us to get involved with each other, whether it be over the internet or at Conventions, Or Just getting together to build.


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From a Newer Member

As a fairly new member of this forum I feel the need to share my own experiences since I've joined. In one sentence: I couldn't be happier.

I spent a month or so browsing around the site before signing up to be a member. Not too long after that I felt inspired to begin creating my own Pepakura Kat suit (I read every post on AceNat's thread and her work is one of the main reasons I took the dive and started this project). Reading through all the WIP threads and the tutorials helped me exponentially. I will say that the forums can get kind of cluttered and overwhelming at times but the answer is always there eventually (the stickies are amazingly useful). And when I could not find the answer the people on the "HELP!" threads have always been understanding, patient, and helpful. The few times I did asked for advice on those threads I got a response within an hour or two, which was fantastic :D

Sadly, there was a long period of time where I could not work on my suit and I became concerned about ever finishing it. But after months of being away from this forum, coming back in the last few weeks has felt something like returning home. Looking through the threads again and watching some videos on YouTube from the community has got me back on the armor building horse, more enthusiastic than ever.

If I have anything to say about how to improve the community feeling it would be similar to what many have said in this thread so far. I'm also friends with a 405th member on Facebook and if you're comfortable enough doing that with friends on here that is a great way to get to know other forum members outside of armor building. Become XBL friends with people. I've also on a number of occasions wished to find members here who live in the Mid-West. To find people to go to conventions with, for example. Maybe there's a way we could start some regional threads for people to post the states they live in and possibly even organize 405th gatherings.

However, most of these involve stepping out of the comfort zone that is this one forum. And we live in an age where taking relationships from the internet to a more personal level can be very risky. Maybe we as a community could simply visit the "General Talk" forum more often or post more on profiles. Also, when I first joined and posted on the "Introduce Yourself" thread all that was going on was just that, introductions. That's where it ended, there weren't replies or small conversations branching off from the initial posts. Maybe we as individuals could take it upon ourselves to visit that thread occasionally and get to know the new people. Visit some profiles and say hi.

That's all I really have to say right now, sorry its so long.. I hope I was able to give a new perspective on the "community" aspect of this site and how it could possibly be improved. But to be honest, I feel that it's already pretty great.

Glad to be here :)
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