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Do you think 343 should make another game similar to Reach where your character is the MC?

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I for one believe that a new game should be made by 343 industries similar to Bungie's Halo Reach, where you are your own character and the main character, as you play through missions and stories, as well as the ability to customize your Spartan as you progress or just replay missions, of course I hope there will be more things or armor sections to customize your spartan with different parts. I went ahead and added a poll with this. It will be up until March 25th, or around that date. Go ahead and comment your ideas. And maybe we could possibly convince 343 with the numbers of votes. Who knows?
If you have any ideas go ahead and submit them to the thread.
Oh and answer honestly. Not just because its the most popular or your friends choose it. Choose it with your own heart and will and yours alone
I would prefer one based off of Halo 5, but I do love Reach. I like the constant motion of Halo 5, so a retrofitted H5-like game. If they could deliver a really good, long, satisfying campaign, I'd be all about it.
Halo Reach is super fun, but I enjoy Halo 5 a bit more.
I would prefer one based off of Halo 5, but I do love Reach. I like the constant motion of Halo 5, so a retrofitted H5-like game. If they could deliver a really good, long, satisfying campaign, I'd be all about it.
Halo Reach is super fun, but I enjoy Halo 5 a bit more.

Agreed. after all the multiplayer can be fun in halo 5. Especially the Warzone, Warzone Firefights, Warzone Assualt, Breakout, Team Fiesta, Action Sack and lots more, as well as the newly features such as the built in thruster packs, the numberless armors and armor variants (still disappointed the decreased the parts you can customize to just the helmet and arrmor), the skins, different req vehicles and their variants, weapons and their variants, power ups, armor mods modded and scoped primaries and variants, the XP and RP boosters. Ok well maybe not much of the power ups because I would rather have armor abilities over power ups. Not to mention that the 343's version of warzone firefights has a player limit that is DOUBLED the player limit of Bungie's firefight, but you aren't able to create a custom fire fights. And the req stations and reqs and req levels pretty much makes 343's version of fire fight superior to that of Bungie's firefight, especially if you consider the fact that there is 3 levels, Heroic for beginners, Legendary for those that pretty much have good reqs and certifications that want a challange, and Mythic for the ultimate challenge which includes skulls for those that are the best of the best or entering among those.
yes to all of that. :p
I don't actually have an xbox one yet, but I have played Halo 5, and I enjoyed it so much.
Still have an x360, though.
I plan on getting in on the halo 5 action by the end of March, but we'll see how it goes.
But my favorite thing about halo 5 is the maps, and how well-designed they are, along with how the thruster abilities are incorporated.
Thrusters are so fun...
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Don't forget about those grapple ledges that is real handy for pursuing on foot or just getting around the map. There are should also be some cracked walls or blocked paths with cracks that should be able to be taken down with a few melees or just one well or not too poor timed spartan charged. I have only seen them in warzone maps and the campaign though but I'm in firefight most of the time. Firefight is pretty much all I do, and I'm pretty good at it, in fact the other morning the team I was with won 3 mythic warzone fire fights, its a pretty good accomplishment if you ask me. But put me in a warzone or warzone assault and I would basically be a single grunt, without plasma grenandes, and just a plasma pistol, facing off against the entire UNSC fleet. Bottom line, I am about 100% sure that I would be screwed in any way, but you still have to do your best with your team and warzone alone holds the highest amount of players of all the game types. There is so much you have to do: take out computer enemies, while defending or capturing buildings like armories and garages, not letting all the buildings get captured so your team's fortress's shields won't go down and the core would be exposed, while fighting the other team, trying to take their bases to expose their core so you could destroy their core, and win the game, or if they destroyed your core the same way (except they did it first) you instantly loose the game, as well as take out the high priority targets to gain req levels and win the game by reaching the points goal, and this is all going on AT THE SAME TIME. Its just too much to do and too difficult. I have yet to win a warzone match. But Thats definantly where the most intense fighting is. But if your like me and like to keep things a little more simple, there is warzone firefight. Its simple, you and your team fight thorough increasing difficulty, their are different objectives. Destroy a certain species of enemies, destroy a or bosses, destroy a vehicle boss or bosses, destroy a certain type of vehicles, protect certain objects from being destroyed like cores and generators, and Defend certain Buildings. Round 3 is when lengendary bosses start to appear, doesn't matter if you selected heroic, legendary, or mythic firefight, those targets will be labled as legendary bosses, but it is labled that and its difficulty is rounded down depending on what type of firefight you are in. If your lucky, you will just see them in round 4 and 5, Round 5 is when Legendary bosses appear and once those are taken out, the mythic boss or bosses appear ( same thing applies just like legendary boss or bosses.) There is something special in firefight that you can't find anywhere else. The almighty talkitive and loudmouth grunt pilot, yes, I am refering to the grunt mech, as far as I know, there are 2 different kinds of grunt mechs, the plasma specialist, and the needle specialist, (not actual names) the plasma mechs have made their appearance not too long ago. They have a special homing attack that launches homing plasma grenades that stick to spartans and vehicles. These grenades are slow but catch up fast, if your in a vehicle you should be fine as long as its contains more than one person, and no that doesnt include mongosses and gun gooses, I mostly refering to warthog vehicles and bigger and more armored. The reason why you should be fine is that about one or two of these grenades can only inflict a emp effect and maybe some damage to the vehicle or your shields but you should be fine as long as its not close to you. The weapon the plasma mech uses seems to be very similar to that of a hunter's fuel canon that rapid fires, but way more powerful, fast, deadly and accuarate. I haven't completely seen it but I am sure that the plasma mech can launch a single plasma grenade from its free hand just like the needle specialist can. The plasma mech does have a certain self destruct mode, I am not completely sure if the pilot has control of it however. It detonates exactly like a grunt would if you get too close or scare them too much. So it pretty much kamikaze by pulling 2 plasma grenades from... huh I have no idea where it gets them from, but it does run toward a player or vehicle to take it down with it. Needle mechs focus mainly on needle weapons. It has a needler weapon that launches bigger than the average needle shard that homes in on vehicles and players, thankfully the needles are pretty slow and the fire rate is slower. The needle mech has a special attack much similar to the plasma mech but instead shoots dozens of needles that lock on and purse a target at alarmingly increased speeds that home on players and vehicles. Both of the mechs' special attacks are fired in a circular field that then pursues it targets. Thankfully the needle mech doesn't have a self destruct mode like the plasma mech. Both can heavily damage even a corp tank with just one punch, and destroys any warthog with one punch as well. Both also have a jump boost which allows it to jump to high locations to evade too much fire or to get to other players. However they are pretty fun to listen to.
The final round is about 90% chance going to be a legendary and mythic boss fight. Whenever the promeatheans get the last round, you either face off against nights or the Warden Eternal. Yes the WARDEN ETERNAL himself, with a paint job determined by legendary and mythic boss difficulty, He has a laser that can one shot a fully charged spartan even with upgraded shields and possibly overshields, however it only has a emp effect on vehicles. He is also able to somehow launch some type of miniature black hole that can destroy almost any vehicle as well as spartans, and it also homes on vehicles and spartans. When his health drops to certain amounts or levels of health, he will cry out in pain as the black hole kinda grows bigger momentarily then shrinks back to normal, at this time he is stunned or paralized in his painful cry, but when he recovers in about 10 seconds he will be back to wrecking some stuff. If his health is really low to where a focused fire of like 5 scorpions would take him out, you can hit him from the back, (still needs to be on the ground), and you can actually ASSASSINATE HIM. However the assassination animation takes like a minute to 30 seconds to execute and he would probably be destroyed by other the other players firing on him. He sometimes appears as a legendary boss in round 4 but its a very small percentage. There is a low percentage that the last mission is would be a protect mission where you have to protect objects from being destroyed.
Oh and 50 credits that the Covenant got the grunt mech idea from the Mantis.
Oh and if you guys aren't completely sure about your choice, you can choose the option that has the most features and controls you like, and if you have specific preferences of features and controls that the option you picked doesn't include, You can go ahead and post the ones that you prefer that weren't in your choice. I want everyone's consideration into this.
WOW.....you certainly have a lot of time on your hands........do you drink coffee or naturally hyper active?
I would be up for this if it was retrofitted with controls and features (more guns/armors/vehicles/grenades obviously, but similar map design and movement etc.) like halo 2, possibly with the addition of thrusters from halo 5. That, in my mind would by the perfect aiming/movement setup for a halo game. It adds the extra element of mobility that I always though halo 2/3 were missing, but gets rid of the plain stupid sprint system.
...get rid of the plain stupid sprint system...
but I love the sprint system...it's a little more like COD, but 343 has made it distinctly Halo. COD is all about wall running now. not regular running :p

If there were to be a halo 2/5 mash up, they would need some serious weapon balancing like H5. H2's weapon balance was baaaaad.
It may be doable, but 343's art style would probably make a weird prequel.
I honestly want more H5. H5 is gooood, excellent weapon balance, strategic maps, the best Halo game, in my opinion. but don't mistake that for disrespecting the other Halos. the other Halos are amazing...err...Papeesheewoosh, I mean. (ultimate form of awesome)
I think Halo is the best franchise ever, and right beside it is Half-life.
I actually typed all that in a hour and I play firefight most of my entire time when I am on Halo. I didn't even need coffee. I speak based of experience as well.
I guess nobobdy wants to wait on Halo 6, according to the poll. :D
I don't drink coffee. I run on of the power of awesomeness!
I doubt they would bring back duel wielding if that is what your referring to. To many people took advantage and abused the noob combo, or so I am told. And for the sprint, their is a thruster upgrade in armor moods and combine that with a speed boost of any kind and possibly a weapon like the combat evolved magnum that boosts mobility and speed, you got a speed killer that maybe to fast for you to react or execute an action when appearing on the trackers. Unless you jump, boost back (optional), and then just hit them from behind killing him or just assassinating him.
The thruster pack increases sprint speed, decreases booster recharge rate, increases the time in the air while aiming, and not completely sure but may decrease the ground pound lock speed.
And hey. The sprint we have in Halo 4 and Halo 5 are way easier and better to use than in reach. Pretty much the most useless ability in the game.
And if we were to get rid of the sprint, there would be no way to get to a high enough speed to do a spartan charge, and I mean no way as in the game would not be able to activate it, even if you had speed boosts. The momentum created from the sprint and the thrusters (when activating the spartan charge) is enough to break through walls. That is the only way the game code would allow it.
and mblackwell1002 only 3 people have taken the poll. After all not much people that stayed since 2010 or 2012 or around that time have stayed. They are still noted as members but there is a big probability they might not return. And last time I made a form on the old website, only 6 people participated.
Interesting fact: I'm located in the Savannah Area of Georgia and I saw that 5 members in statesboro, Savannah, Richmond Hill, and Hinesville combined have used the 405th. and guess who has been the only one active and has been seen from 2015 to now?
well, they're programmers, they can do whatever they feel necessary with the thrusters, but I get your point. there would be no distinctive and easy way to activate the charge.

I still like H5 the most. I hope they don't change the formula too much.

Also, I got 14 votes in my poll, but it lasted like 2 weeks.

I'm guessing you're the only person on your area, agentflorida. Look on the 405th facebook site, maybe there will be some cool people in your area that you can talk to.
but promise that you'll focus on this site rather than the facebook group. :p
Don't get me wrong guys, I really do enjoy halo 5 (I have like 13 days in multiplayer with like 11 of those being in arena) but I really wish 343 would try going back to the more classic halo feel. I'll enjoy halo 6 either way, but I'd enjoy it more if there was no sprint, classic weapons (maybe a new permutation of guns that look like the older models i.e. halo 2/3 mixed with the higher detail of halo 4/5's guns?) a more halo-y art style (halo wars 2, at least in cutscenes actually has a really good halo look to it, but I'm assuming that was creative assembly's work, not 343's) and map designs akin to the earlier halo games.

When I say that I want a halo game that's pretty much halo 2 with thrusters, I don't necessarily mean I want dual wielding (it was fun, but definitely stupid for competitive) or the overall awkward balancing that came with halo 2 (Either way, I absolutely love halo 2) I just mean that I'd like pretty much the same movement (slightly higher jump, faster base movement, a little less gravity) same sort of art style, and similar map design (obviously not just maps from halo 2, but I enjoyed the flow of halo 2 maps) while I think halo 5 did a decent job at maps, I miss the outdoor maps with environmental elements and the more arena-shooter feeling maps, and I definitely dislike the excessive amount of clean, fake-looking UNSC facility maps. In my opinion, bungie is/was really fantastic at map theming. Even though I hate the flow of a lot of destiny maps, you can see a reason as to why the map is there. Nothing looks forced like maps in halo 4 and 5 do. That aspect was one of my favorites of halo 2 and 3 (can't really say the same for CE since those maps were sort of just there, but that's excusable seeing as it came out in 2001 and graphics just weren't there yet) every single map in halo 2 and 3 looks like it should be there. None of them look like it's a facility specifically built for training like every map in halo 5 does, and barriers/cover all made/make sense in the context of the map. Plus, it was fun playing on maps that were wildly different. In halo 5 its like, "Oh, here's a unsc facility in a cold place, here's one in some lava, here's an underwater one, oh, look, a city! That's different! Never mind it looks just like all of the unsc facilities anyway" As I said, I really do like halo 5, the base mechanics are awesome, and the multiplayer is one of the best, but if 343 makes halo 6 with more of the elements I was talking about, it will easily be my favorite halo game.
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