A New Year's Community Message

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Greetings, all! If we're all not still too fat and full from the festive season and can barely move for turkey leftovers, I'd like to take the chance to wish you all, on behalf of the entire 405th staff, a very happy and successful 2016.

We've seen some amazing builds this year, and while I'd love to showcase some of the more outstanding and amazing work the community has achieved this year, I'd find it honestly difficult to pick any out. To those of you with completed builds: well done, and I hope you'll continue to produce good work in the future. To the rest of you - good luck with your build progress.

And, finally, to everybody, it remains for me to wish you all a very successful, safe and happy new year. Here's to 2016, and I hope to see what amazing things the community can create and showcase in the coming year.

~ Chernobyl
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*Claps hands together* 2016 will mark the year of the biggest build for me when the warm weather returns, as well as a new suit to go with it :). I too would like to extend my thanks to the community and to the wonderful staffers of the 405th. Here's to another year of amazing builds and crazy conventions :D
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