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I'm gonna be an elite and a spartan. So make as many costumes as you want, the more the merrier.
Elites are welcomed as well. :mrgreen:
Yeah, right now there aren't a lot of people whom are doing Covenant troops, either because of the difficulty of the armor or because of a general dislike...
Adam said:
Name: UNSC 405th Infantry Division
URL: www.405th.com
Logo: http://www.woopics.com/uploads/2e88280163.png

Admins so far: (yes we'll add more) Adam, Link, Sean, Redsleighdown

Fees?: Yes - Not final - $50 start fee probably
Age limit: Yes, 16 or 18 - hasn't been finalized
Requirements: Top Quality Armor, or Halo costume
Member Numbers: Not decided.

What do you mean top quality? How top is top? :hyper:
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there are 4-5 feet with out armor. just thought of another one, hunters (they can bet 9 1/2-12 feet tall, 8 feet tall when in battle stance.)
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