Additional lights on MC armour (besides on the helm)

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Hey Guys and Girls,
Firstly I'd just like to say that I'm glad to be a part of this Forum as I begin the long journy of MCarmour making.
I'm gonna cheat a little and buy a fair bit of the Armour from NAS but I plan and painting and pimping it out (duel layer visor ect) myself. I hope this counts and warrents me being able to post on here. ;)

Anyways enough yap,
Please forgive me if this topic is somewhere else on the Forum but I havent found it yet.
Have any of you guys noticed the other lights that are found on the Mjolnir Armour? theres some on the chest, legs (upper and lower back) the back and on the arms.

Here are a few pics (hope they work):




Have any of you guys attempted installing these extra's into your armour? Any success? I'm guessing standard LCD's would do the trick.


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Werd Nal said:
There is already an entire topic on this exactly!!!

Sorry, I thought there might've been but I've been searching the Forum for ages and couldn't find it. :rolleyes
sorry, bad way to start.
link to the topic anyone?
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