Advice on Equipment for Pep Helm


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I am planning to have my go at a Halo 4 Scout helmet, made from Pep, bondo and fibreglass resin. Could anyone tell me if these are suitable for the job? I live within the United Kingdom.

Polyester Body Filler -

Fibreglass Resin -

Superglue -

Respirator -

I have an X-Acto knife kit and the rest of the items. I am following the tutorial by Impactprops, link for anyone who is interested.

Edit: Also, any advice on what retailer will sell 110lb cardstock is greatly appreciated.


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PVA wood glue is far more effective, safe and friendly for pep work. Get rid of the super glue.



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I have been using super glue. Often ended up with a layer of super glue on my finger afterwards, but I think it worked great.
Just... patience. :D


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Firstly - welcome to the 405th! Seeing another UK member is great, since we don't seem to have many active members from the fair Isles.

Secondly - products. I've had to do a lot of shopping around for products myself, and I personally obtain a lot of my products from MB Fibreglass' eBay store, which you can find HERE. It's down to personal preference mostly, however, particularly when it comes to glues and blades - that said, I've found that UHU All-Purpose Adhesive can't be beat, if you can find it at a local Poundland or something.