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So I'm done with a few pieces of pep armor and want to try my hand at hardening it. But, I'm a little confused as to where to go after all the folding and gluing. Normally I would just resin the pep armor, wait for it to cure, then fiberglass then inside, right? But then after that, would I rip off the pep armor paper and start bondo-ing? I ask this because I've seen really good armor pieces where it's smooth where it's supposed to be and all, but then I've also seen some alright looking armor where you can still see all the fold edges and all.

Also, I've been reading about muslin cloth as a safer alternative to fiberglass? But I haven't been able to find any tutorials really on muslin :(
So...what exactly is this glue/flour mixture? And would I still have to resin the pep armor first before I put on the muslin? And...could I use that hardened form to mold...?



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Just resin the outside once
Resin inside once
Resin outside again
Glue fiberglass inside
resin over it when it dries
glob it on and let it dry
Bondo the outside.

If you rip the paper off, you will ruin the entire piece.


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Here's a tip, if you want to cut anywhere such as that little vent from Master Chief's helmet you should do it before resin it. Don't cut like a big hole such as the visor or it will warp.


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