Almost finsihed BR/pistol 1/6th scale

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I'm almost done painting the first batch of BR's and pistols. I'm having a little fun with some design tweaks too. I added a gernade launcher to one of the BR's just for kicks. More pics soon...
Callous makes his own dude.. do a search. These are a different scale that the Joyride figures that were sold in stores..

Amazing work Callous.. as always. Thanks for letting us see these.
HaHaHa they are toys. I wouldn't let a child play with them but they are toys or models as I like to refer to them. Anyways here's some more shots. The scope and clip on the BR are removable and the slide and the clip is removable on the pistol. I built them out of styrene and various model parts and I've already started working on the next set of weapons.






and a wip shot to give you an idea of the materials that were used.
Unbelieveable.... those weapons are hyperrealistic for that scale...

Nice touch with the wear on the weapons too... just makes it all the more authentic!

Keep up the great work Callous, and thanks again!




:shock: Seriously Callous...If you ever sell anything of yours...I'll give you a check and you write a number...and I'll pay it...

Simply amazing :Steve: .

You have all my kudos!

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Thanks guys. I've been contemplating 1/1 scale stuff but I really like the 1/6 scale stuff so I think stay with that a while longer.
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