An apology


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I just want to take the time and apologize for my unaccetpable and cruel actions in the 405th Discord server tonight.

I made a derogatory comment towards a cosplayer's weight and, when people rightfully called me out on it, I lashed out. I realize now that the hurtful comment never should've been shared to begin with and I'll never do it again.

But things got worse. After I got put into a timeout, I harassed a member of staff while I was waiting for my timeout to expire, going so far as to call him a coward. But when it did, I put out an insincere apology and that was the final straw.

I have since been banned. Know that I failed everyone tonight, especially myself, the staff member I harassed and called a coward and the cosplayer that I made the comment towards. I do not expect to ever be forgiven, but all of this will never happen again and I'll try and make myself civil here.

- Archangel470/BluePhoenix
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Thank you for your apology. It breaks my heart to read about how you treated my friends. Recognizing your actions were completely inexcusable is important to all of us. I am glad to see you will be civil from not on.

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