And I Cried

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Sarge Christi

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Hmm.. thinking I cried because I beat Halo 3 and saw the ending?
Hah, no. I wish it were that simple.

Guess who just got the 3 rings of death?
Oh, I believe it's vanitygirl.

My box was such a freaking champ and then it quit, as I was playing campaign.
I just starting campaign today because I finally got time to start it and whammy, ringed.

I'm very upset, I don't want to send it in cause I won't get the damn thing for another 2 months.
I paid for all my stuff myself, so I'm really upset.
Punch the front of the case a few times. Mine red ringed twice in 2 days. Hasnt since and its been starting everytime. At your own risk though.
I'd say send it in. I know the pain, I really do. I got mine back the day before Halo released... I was about to start crying on that one. It's better to get it back repaired (as well as a free Live Gold card for a month, I believe) than to break it further and breach warranty. Sorry, Christi...
Send it back in and get it fixed mate; at least you'll know you can (semi) trust it afterwards not to let you down.
I slapped the face plate with an open palm and whammy! It works. I'm really scared, but it's workng. I think something's loose it in.
I heard the towel trick doesn't even work that well.
Nappy Hared Azn said:
What is the towel trick? I'd like to know what it is in case I get the rings again.

its where you rap the 360 in a towel and turn on the 360 for 20 min to cause it to over heat which restarts the memory or something which allows u to not have the red ring for at least long enough to beat the game.
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My advice is to do everything they say on the xbox online support, and then try starting it without the hard drive, which they dont tell you to do online, cos it may be an HDD failure. Then use, enter the freephone number from the back of your manual, and ring the geographical number - it will be cheaper, plus much less waiting in queues, then do what the guy says. I sent mine in about 2 weeks before the Halo 3 launch, and got it back on the 27th, with a month free live, which was for me only a day after launch, so it wasnt so bad. I wouldnt advise the towel trick - if the solder on the GPU cracks because of that, it is gonna take much longer than 2 weeks to come back.
Screw this I'm getting an elite, I'm tired of fighting my 360.

Aren't elites less prone to getting the red rings?
I don't want to wait forever for some Singapore guy to fix my box, then send it back to me, half working.

Sarge Christi said:
Aren't elites less prone to getting the red rings?
I don't want to wait forever for some Singapore guy to fix my box, then send it back to me, half working.

Not really, but they do have some fixes so it will take longer for the rings to come back. As I keep telling everyone, get the $20 fan attachment. It saves you a lot of headaches. I've had one on my 360 for 1-1/2 years now. Though, I think something is starting to go on it, but I believe it is the DVD-drive from the sound that it makes when starting up. I do plan on getting an Elite soon anyway so either way I belive it's a good buy.
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I dont think the elite is such a good deal. aside from, as far as i know, not having the 60 nm chipset, and therefore, i think, just as much chance as RRODing, they only have a year's warranty. though, i suppose, if you got ur 360 when it was first released, that will run out at the same time...
The extra storage can also be made up using an external hard drive, which are about the same price per gig i think, if not cheaper...
the towel trick or i call it baking it where u wrap the said xbox in a (tomas the tank) blanket and then turn it on for 15-20 minuts and that is supose to bake the insides soo much that the soddering(sp?) will melt and rejoin with the hard ware. so it's like resodring(sp?) the whole thing. :oops:
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