And so it Begins [finally] * new pics on page one

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and so it begins my start to making my armor, well i started like 3 weeks ago and the pics are like one week ago but you get the point, plus i will be making on a tutorial on how to make pepakura armor into a professional looking armor ( hopefully if i have time)
[sry for dates on pics]

finished product after foaming (great stuff):


After i carved all the junk off with a knife:




BTW: this is not the finished product (im not just doing pepakura), its too small right now, but youll see what im up to in a week or 2
looks good so far keep up the work.

Great stuff is expanding foam that is used for insulating. It gives your armor more structure to give it a realistic feel.
is the only purpose of the expanding foam to provide some structual integrity while you go about resining and fiberglassing it, and then after that is done and dry, you cut the foam out ?
smilie120 said:
lol lil overboard on the expanding foam

lol i didnt know how much to use, and as for everyone elses comments thank you and also, the foam is just to reinforce for my next step and im not fiberglassing yet, im making each piece of armor in a certain way that i have not seen anyone work on with pepakura so ill keep all you guys posted
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im working on the helm tonight until i finish, 4/17 done with cutting it out =P
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ill post some pics once im done
I saw that first picture when I scrolled real fast and I thought it was a flood... LOL...

Are you supposed to fiberglass all your armor pieces??? how do people normally do it?
im actually using a dif technique now, im no longer going to use gr8 stuff to reinforce it so i can clay it over for the details, but rather going to resin it then clay it, btw i got to take some pics of the helm, but there are some problems at this point:
a little too small
a little lopsided when i put it on, but it wont matter really
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