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I've always wondered; how do you create those 'animated' .GIF avatars? I've searched quite a bit on the web, and can't find out how to make them anywhere. Can anybody give me a clue?
You'll need to find a *.gif making program. You'll import your pictures and then you can adjust them on a timeline sort-of scale and then control how fast or slow the pictures will transition and then you can save or export them as a *.gif. I use Adobe ImageReady, personally.
You'll have to search google for gif programs. There usually are some shareware trial versions of something out there.
Hey thanks, just dl'ed it.Is it hard to learn?How do you make stick movies, can you do it on this software 2? How do you add backgrounds to it? And coulour and make new images?
Lets see it.I made one too, how would you upload it so you could see it here? And how do you add backgrounds and bloodsplatters,ect...?
Thanks for the link :) i'll get an animated avatar as soon as i can think of something worth making into one and then uploading...
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