Another Reach Mark V Torso


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Great builds and templates my man !Are you planning to post a template for your underarmor? Or your chest piece seperated into sections?
I am going to be releasing the soft armor that goes around the stomach eventually, but first i have to make some modifications to it first after having built it and finding some problems with it.
I already answered you question on another thread. Try and avoid cross-posting on several threads. It's frowned upon here.
Did I miss something?
Have you the v4 pdo for pepakura with the soft armor?
What part of the soft armor are you speaking of?


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Re: Another Reach Mark V Torso DL in post # 55

Is there any possibility that you have all of the working files in the female sizing? Everything I've tried in the "Official Halo Reach Thread" seems to either be corrupted, removed or simply won't download correctly and I desperately want to either build a suit or have one made. Thank you for you time!
I am unsure if you can reply to my comment or not hence I'm a bit new to the site thus, here is my Deviantart for you to PM me as well as my YouTube.