Any other costumers?

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Darn dude. I wanted to see someone do some Elder Scrolls Oblivion stuff. Daedra would be nice. Thanks for the inspiration. :cool:
I have all sorts of costumes: Neo, Malcolm Reynolds, Airborne Trooper, Commander Cody, Desert Trooper, Biker Scout, Ash from Army of Darkness. I love costuming!!




4ng31 said:
Nice, the girlfriend and I were there as well.

As for other stuff I've done...I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan, so O have a few costumes and props from that series:

Final Mix 2 Christmas Sora -

Deep Dive Riku -

Agito (Air Gear) -
Yes! I remember seeing you on as Agito and Riku :D Lovely costumes by the way. I'm working on my Kazu, for Air Gear. Hopefully for Comic-con or Anime-expo. :)
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I haven't really done much costuming before...a few halloween things. Two years ago I went as rubix cube. (Please tell me you know what that is.) I don't think I have any pics though...

Ironcobra3000 said:
indeed, I hope to get started as soon as possible
I'm in need of a way to get rid of all of mine, after I move again...
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I would like to start on an assassins creed costume and I have been looking at the spring blades and might be trying to make one sometime soon. ;) ;) ;)

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