Anyone know of a good tactical cosplay resource?


Well... If anyone shows up as Harry Potter they'll be burned at the stake I guess.
Nononononono, it’s only illegal to practice it while in the state, we can trounce all over the place and frolic to our hearts content just so long as we don’t “actively practice” within the state. Lol try stopping the (I hope someone gets right on this) potter themed ODST


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i have a friend in a federal branch and a lot of those cod site got shut down because they said it was a security risk(bull****) but i think i if you want to make a weapon you are. mumgoot if you have a 3d printer you can find a lot of models on line i have the ballstic face mask i got off of 3dcult or thingiverse i forget which...


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I was curious about something similar... Fallout based fandom/ cosplay page... but no such luck. Seems like a lot of the war or even post apocalyptic groups aren't as organized as the UNSC. Hoo-rah! haha.