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I was thinking about painting my armor with this spray-on grip paint that I used to use when I was making "replica" (I use quotes cuz they were hardly replica's) lightsaber handles. It's a cool texture and it might add a bit of stiffness to my armor (since right now it's just card stock paper).

Has anyone ever tried this before?
You're going to spraypaint card stock? Won't it get all warpy?

Shouldn't you fiberglass it or something first?
I'm using spray on rubber to coat the inside of my armor, as well as the inside of the thigh pieces. Don't think the outside, on the whole thing would look that great though. You'd lose all sorts of detail.
Alot of guys in forums with the paper fett layouts, use spray on rubberized undercoating for cars. Its quick and make a nice base that you can peel the paper out afterward. It also help to apply a release agent of some type to the paper as well. After all we want to use the paper a mold right? Not as the actuall item to be worn.
what fiberglass? i have a mould that i make my castings and i use motorcycle padding...the spray on system cost some money...i have that system
yeah, you can get that spray on rubber undercoating at Pepboys, or Advanced Auto... between $6 - $8 a can.

Watch out though, fumes will kill you. Do no breathe into helmet until it's FULLY DRY!!!!!
Here's an example of what it looks like when sprayed on:


I sprayed it on my ducttape mannequin. Looks ok, and remember, this is an extreme close up. Its a rough texture, but not as bad as you see here. It's very grippy.


Triple post!!!!

Now that I look at it, I wonder how this would look if I sprayed it on some sweat pants and a hoodie for the MC undersuit... SOMEONE TEST THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!
I just went to the auto shop by my house and wouldn't you know it, they have the exact same stuff that Adam listed! Off to paint the interior of my helmet and chest/back pieces now. :hyper:
The nice thing about going the undercoating/spray foam/fiberglass method, is it really unifys the entire structure of the helmet. Its still light weight, yet strong. Id use one layer of glass on the outside, then several coats of resin on top of that. And use a two or three layers of glass on the inside. Youll prbably almost be able to stand on the bucket when your done. :wowie:
Honestly, when you've been reffering to SW helmets as buckets for so long (like me), it's kinda hard to break the habit. :mrgreen:
I painted the inside of the back and chest armor with this stuff. I was quite impressed. I actually really like the texture that it gives. Enough that for sh*ts and giggles I decided to paint the outside of my helmet with it (instead of the inside).

I'm quite pleased with the result. I'd post a picture, but really it just looks like it's been spray painted black... It does give it more of a gritty look so it doesn't look like it's paper which is pretty damned cool.

It's not hard as a rock by any means, but it is definately sturdy enough to apply fiberglass resin / cloth to it without being too concerned now.
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