Armor coating

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For my gloves I'm just using fibreglass cloth + polythene resin layered over a clay postive mold. Hey Adam, what exactly do you use that spray rubber for? supporting the inside of the armour? sounds like that could be useful for me. That or expanding foam. :dee:
ive used expanding foam, its tricky stuff.if you trim it, it deflates out of the middle a little bit, making it I = ). i fixed this by seperating the foam from the sides of the cardboard then filling the space with glue
How useful is the foam for supporting the armour piece, is there considerable improvements using it? and do you have to be scarce with it since it expands, do you simply put a little and wait until it balloons , adding a lil' bit at a time?
the cans "say" one time use, but if you clean off everything with acitone while the foam is still wet then you can get a couple of uses. it becomes "foam hard". i am going to spray the whole helm with the rubberized spray to harden it a little more
i use it on the inside of the armor, not for support, but for a nice feel. Fiberglass is quite sharp.

I'll also be using it for the inside of the thighs - you know, the tiered stuff.
hmm... not mine. strange. Although, I haven't done the helmet yet, might not.
kk, I see, comfort not support, fair doos. Dunno about for a Helmet interior though. If anyone could give me the lowdown on expanding foam that would be great , I'm unfamiliar with it and would like to know more.
many thanks. ;-)
I saw a can of the rubberized truck liner while I was at the automotive store the other day. Certainly made me think about it.
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