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Sigma-LS said:
You mean in materials or blood sweat and tears because it's alot of both. ;)

Mk V= app. $150

Mk VI= app. $1500

How much do you think im gonna spend if i make the best armor possible out of cardboard and materials. and my helmet using the baseball helmet way?
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Well that depends on your budget and need for quality, you can get a relative cheap armor and get a good armor with a bit of detail, or spend a lot and get a armor with a lot of detail.

If i would to buy a armor for example:

Personally i rather spend 400 dollars more on a helmet with a lot of detail (Blue realm),then spend 200 dollars on a helmet with less detail (westerfield)

Westerfield, there is nothing wrong with your armor and it looks great for the price that you are offering it. Im just more a guy that get a kick out of high details.
To be honest i don't expect to that they would be sold lower then 600 dollars. My budget for a nice halo helmet is between 600/800 dollars, but I'm more of a ODST fan and there isnt yet a ODST costume/helmet.
Well, so far Ive probably spent around 300 dollars. And Ive got almost 2 helmets done fiberglassing. But thats it. One Im selling in the classifieds and one thats going to be my main helmet. Then Im going to start working on the other parts. Im not going to try to get mine done by halloween or H3 release because I want mine to be perfect. And it will be.
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