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how did people react when they saw your armor? i took my helmet out today and ppl thought it was the coolest thing.. i might make 2 uniforms to sell for 75$-100$ caus people said they would pay for them
Fuffuloo 117 said:
You might be able to sell it for more than that maybe.

ya but i dont want to rip off my friends... but ya,,, they all really liked my helmet.. and its not even glassed
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There was about 15 people sitting outside of our gamestop playing halo 2 out of the trunk of a guys car. And they were laughin it up and having a good time. I started walking down the sidewalk and every stops talking. They just all point and start going, DUDE! MASTER CHIEF! Even the few ladies out there thought it was pretty awesome. :D I had fun. Im still waiting on photos from the manager chick who runs the store.
Was this in plastic armor or in pep armor?

i doubt common people without the detailed eye will even notice masterchief is more rounded and has this and that little detail, but even if i saw a person wearing pep armor, I'd yell OMG MASTERCHIEF.

I'm going to go to work in my armor if i finish before halloween, then order something, sit down, and stare at it because I cant eat it with my helmet on....then i'll ask for a to go box, it will be awkward, but funny.
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