Armor Scale Drawings

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SInce I started I figured I should keep up with what I have so far. Well why not just start a topic to post them in, Feel free to join in the fun guys. PM if you want files. I have them in jpeg and adobe illustrator (which you can scale each piece to your body).

Full Armor
Helmet all Angles
Chest plate (2 versions) Can't decide which i like better
Well you know
Leg Upper
Guantlet front and rear view
Shoulder armor
Assault Rifle
Thanks, those should help me alot. I already started with the thigh armor using your pics, and I think its going along pretty good.
BenStreeper said:
you should post pics what you have done on your armor, we would all love to see.
I would post pics but my webcam sucks and you can't see anything without using my Iguanas light. (which is upstairs and it sucks hooking it back up because the electrical outlet is behind my bed which is hard to get too) I'll try to get my mom to let me use her digital camera when im done with the thigh armor though.
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Fantastic work on these images, they're a great resource for everybody starting from scratch.
Maybe you can team up with Doom and do the same for some other characters?
This is exactly one of the first steps outlined in the tutorial we're working on:

The very, very, very first step in patterning is to closely study the part you are going to start with.
Pull up as many images you can of it and maybe trace over them to get the shape and proportions right
either in an image editing program, or on paper. Look at the geometry of the suit…It becomes very
useful that that the character is almost entirely comprised of straight lines. Trace the polygons,
and try to imagine the shape and curvature in your mind. After tracing several images of the
same part, see if you can sketch out the shapes on paper…flattened out as though you were
looking at the unfolded game model, or a cardboard box laid out flat.

Excellent work. Feel free to post these up in the tutorial links sticky in the Armor Discussion forum. :clap:

BTW, I recognize the helmet in the lower right corner ;-)
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I wish, I am using adobe illustrator 10, It's the best program I know of for 2d work. If I had auto cad these would be fully 3d by now. An much easier on the eyes.
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