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Hey guys I am currently in the works to making a short documentary about cosplay and the process behind it. What I am in need of is anyone out in the BAY AREA who is willing to be interviewed for the project. You'd get to show off your armor and it would help to raise awareness that cosplayers aren't just some geeks who dress up in costume. The point of my piece is to educate in a way that people who have a more mainstream look on the world can learn something new and to help shed some light on this misunderstood culture. I will be doing interviews soon so anyone who can help just let me know and I'll shoot you over a message. So thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

~Alex Simon


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You aught to come check out the SJ TechShop, there are a few guys there with whom I am going to be doing some stormtrooper armoring via CNC. They are all awesome dudes too. We all tool around though, not much in the way of final finished full sets.


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I'm in the bay area, I own several complete suits and also manage most of the 405th gatherings on the west coast. You can visit my website at

I am located in Fremont.


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Great idea man! You should show a side of cosplay that is lesser known as well. There are several people who have auctioned off cosplay items online for charity. Sean Bradley did it around two and a half years ago and since then a ton of people have done charity projects! We did the Unity project last year as well as this year. There are around 25 members that have been involved in the two Unity Projects. But, that would be if you did a spot on the online aspect of things as well. Just a little suggestion ;) Great idea once again!


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I would love it if I was able to set up an interview for this, because that is really awesome, but I only have about three weeks to film this project before I need to begin post so I can have this project done by the end of the semester.

Seth Knight

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I am completely for this (though I'm not in the bay area, sorry). The one thing people don't see that costuming, cosplay, and all related prop making is an art, many hours of hard creative work goes into even the smallest props. I wish you the best with this.



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This sounds like a pretty cool project! Although I am not located in the Bay Area (100 miles east of it actually) yet would love to get involved! Might members be able to submit a video clip answering predetermined questions? This would definitely increase sources and material for your project.

A few friends and I have just recently joined the 405th and are in the early phase of the Halo creation realm; though we do hail from the 501st!