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  • Hey Katsu! What the hell happen to this site? I see it's been updated, but for the past few months it said it was under attach.

    Glad it's back up & running though. Been wanting to check out what's been going on with people projects. I haven't gotten a chance to finish my MKVI helmet yet. It's all resin & fiberglass, that's it. Just moved a few weeks ago. Now I have a garage that I can get dirty instead of a patio!

    How's everything with you?
    i have 2 new problems, when i said no to adjust the scale, and it starts printing, it stops and says that there is a paper jam. even when the only page in there is the one that is printing. and i dismiss the printing, i saw that a piece was cut off and wasn't whole. how can i fix this?
    LOL! Don't worry, you shouldn't be offended - I purposely chose a SFW pic! This is a shot from my Firefly act, which includes angle grinding. What you're looking at is me using my angle grinder on a homemade grinder belt with attached sheet metal plate. Grinder acts are fun because they produce big showers of sparks (that are harmless and do not hurt when they land on skin). The belt/plate in this pic is my old one - I recently built a new one that sits higher (wraps around my waist/hips as opposed to being a codpiece).

    In conclusion - yes, you should be blinded with awesomeness. X-D
    Actually, that makes alot of sense! Thanks alot dude, i owe you one. So if i see the message, i just click "no" and live with it? But if i fix the parts and try to print it, i wont get the message, did i sum that up clearly?
    Hey Katsu, in a question thread I made not so long ago, you gave me a sort of offer to mentor me in the world of Pep costuming. Do you think you could mentor me?

    Thanks for supporting the Database so much - it really means a lot to me! It helps so many new members find files, and by showing them the link, it helps build a strong foundation for the 'next generation'.

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