Awesome new sculpts

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I just sculpted some awesome replicas of ....

.....gingerbread houses with my girlfriend.

Mine is the one with the singers out front, and her's is the castle.


wow.. you really hid that sniper on the roof really well!

My gingerbread house was a disaster.. I did one with my girlfriend for halloween.. complete with black frosting..

The roof caved in after our third attempt at sticking the walls up.

I was accused of being a homewrecker, and ALMOST proceeded to make her wear it.

I tried to make a gingerbread house once. used way to much frosting, and not enough pressure. I assume what happened was that the gingerbread stuck to the frosting right next to it, but not the mass in the middle, so that just slid down, and down came the house. the outside was pretty nice though, it had a chewing-gum walkway, some half eaten gumdrop thingie trees, marchmellow snowmen (I even melted some chocolate then made a smiley face on them w/ it). Ultimately I just kept pecking away at it, munching on bit here and there until it was gone. It was yummy.
im gonna make my children a replica of a blood gultch base after i have then that is. (hahahaha thats such a lie, but yet would be awesome)
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