awww man this suck

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Thats cool!

Im not too broken up about Bungie being the only ones who can unlock that armor if I made the game I would throw in a ton of stuff for just myself lol

Its just like the old NBA Jam game, the creator liked the Clippers so in the game the code for the Clippers was boosted making them very difficult to defeat
MasterGun said:
i think i seen ppl use this before i highly doubt its bungie only
nope its only for bungie only because if you look on or other sites how to get the armor it wont say anything about the recon armor
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Well that doesn't prove anything. I need to know if you can wear it or not, just not seeing anything about it on the forums doesn't prove much.
Xavier said:
bungie employees can make their helm's flame

thats what ive heard... it wasnt a zombie game they played (i dont think).. and non bungie team members didnt have flames while like 2 of 3 bungie members did have flames
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